Enforcement crackdown means immediate sanctions

The picture of effect december states and reality industry experts view with kinds performance expectations Under the new guidelines that took effect December 15, 1999, states have increased power to immediately impose fines and other sanctions against nursing homes that fail to protect residents from harm, even if a facility works quickly to correct a... Read More Impact of new SOM enforcement penalties

The picture of instance industry experts view and kinds performance expectations with term care enforcement section Under the new guidelines, states have increased power to impose fines and other sanctions immediately, even if a facility works quickly to correct a violation. The changes also give states the authority to impose civil monetary... Read More

A few blogging lessons learned after two years of leaky grammar

The picture of year bench mark and lessons challenges successes ive with inertia blah blah Theres been a whole blogging phenomenon thats exploded over the past decade or so, and according to Wikipedia, the accumulated-knowledge-bucket of the human race, there were around 160 million blogs in 2016 when I started mine

Thats a good chunk of time, and I feel pretty... Read More

Decisions, decisions

The picture of diary date thats and birth discussion women whove with home cup tea Its 10.31am on Thursday 24th January 2016 as I write this post and Im sitting in the waiting room of Kingston Hospitals antenatal clinic waiting to see the consultant (well not actually THE consultant, its always one of his team) to have a check-up and agree a plan. Tomorrow is my due date, the... Read More

Mummy Allegra s afternoon of fun

Fridays are special days, for Fridays are mummy and Allegra days. Fridays are my day off from a busy working week, the day when I can devote 100% (apart from the odd slightly obsessive blackberry checking, which Im working on scaling back) to time with my little girl. And lately, with only 10-weeks to go until d-day and new baby Cox arriving, Fridays are even more special as one-to-one time with my princess boo.

So, this Friday, I thought I would plan a mummy and Allegra special... Read More