Life job house spouse

The picture of life job house spouse and tits thoughts death with respect patience loyalty Now that we are in our forties, most of us, at one time or another, will be experiencing the insanity of the mid-life crisis (m.l.c). this psychological phenomena can take many forms. some positive and inspiring. others downright ugly and selfish. perhaps our hormones and egos... Read More

Day summer vacation

Its day #64 of summer vacation and i think i just qualified to win the mother of the summer award. as i stood staring back at the dried spinach and egg crusted on my black kenmore stove, glaring evidence of my inadequacy as a housewife, i heard a thunk followed by the piercing screams of my 2 boys. although it was only 9:40 am, this was not their first fight of the morning. i had hoped i could drink my first cup of coffee before the chaos erupted again, but no, not today. i was sick of... Read More

Welcome to see how your hair would look a different color

If only lunch boxes could talk… study the laws, Draw a paycheck with the amount you plan to earn. Making friends can at times be a little difficult, it would be worth taking a look at getting mobile phone insurance protection, Your obstacles may be great, Teachers benefit from parental involvement by gaining a greater awareness of family perspectives and of the stereotyping that occurs of children and their families. bedroom... Read More

Losing Peyton Manning Grieving in Indianapolis

The pain is very real. It comes and goes in waves. It is getting a little easier with each passing day.

It is real grieving. It is okay to admit. It is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a part of life.

People grieve. People grieve after the loss of a loved one, a friend, a beloved pet, a cherished relationship, a cherished famous celebrity, a cherished team athlete, etc.

Am I the only one whose heart is aching terribly now in Indianapolis after the loss of our much-beloved... Read More