Stamina artist yearning

People want to find inner peace for a variety of reasons, and therefore approach meditation in a number of different ways. Many people meditate to reduce stress, while others meditate to increase focus. You might want to let go of stress due to a long day at work, a busy day with your children, a heavy workload at school or an overwhelming schedule. Or maybe youre an athlete wanting to amplify your focus and stamina, an artist yearning for inspiration, a writer longing for flowing creativity,... Read More

Hippie obsessions breast

The picture of hippie obsessions breast and rectum hemorrhoids dont with jimmy buffet song Since I wrote about cloth diapers, I feel like I would be remiss to leave out another of my hippie obsessions breast feeding. At least around here, I feel like its something we dont talk about a lot. Or if we do, we have to say it in a whisper, you know, in the same tone and volume you might say, rectum, or hemorrhoids. I dont really know... Read More

My son could be Trayvon Martin

The picture of trayvon martin lives and school day morning with boy trouble maker Trayvon Martins brutal, and senseless, death shook me to my very core. I didnt know him. But, oddly, I feel like Trayvon Martin lives with me. I say good night to him each evening, tell him I love him excessively, hug him and feed him home made French Toast his favourite every school day... Read More

Fucking mama grizzlies

The picture of fucking mama grizzlies and pressure cooker experience with number women places power I do not want to give any attention to this farcical movement. Really, I dont. But here it is anyway. Those fucking Mama Grizzlies fill a need. Its a need many old-time-feminists not unlike myself, fail to understand one that firmly establishes a post-feminist place for women in the world. A place that incorporates some of the... Read More