A Review of Wireless Dog Fence Options


The picture of dog fence works and lot blood sweat with price amazon price. When you own a dog, you cant help but treat it like family. And when you start doing that, you want to be sure that it only gets the best. That includes the best food, the best place to stay in, and most important of all, the best security money can buy. While other dog owners prefer doing that by keeping them in a cage, doing that makes their pets feel like prisoners. It also limits their movements which can give them health problems in the long run. So if youre looking for a way to give them the space they need without compromising overall security, you might want to look into getting a wireless dog fence.

A wireless dog fence works just like any other dog fence but with one significant difference: there isnt an actual fence. Instead, you get a dog collar that sends signals through the use of a transmitter. This collar emits a signal to alert the dog that it is about to reach or has reached the boundary that you have set in the transmitter. The signal could be a beeping sound or a mild static shock that can easily notify your pet that its literally, going too far. Whats great about this device is that its able to do this without inflicting harm on your pet. Even though sound and static shock are used, theyre not strong enough to cause your pet harm. However, they are strong enough to get the point across.

Retail Price: $359.00

Amazon Price: View Sale PriceNow that you have an idea as to what a wireless dog fence can do, youre probably asking yourself: is it actually worth the investment? Well, if you want security that doesnt require a lot of blood sweat and tears as well as maintenance, the answer is yes. A wireless dog fence can ensure your dogs safety without the hassle and expense of installing an actual fence around theperimeterof your home. As a result, you wont have to worry about the effect a fence may have on the overall appearance of your home. Wireless dog fencing can truly maintain the aesthetic appearance of your landscape by removing the visualinterferenceof fencing and barriers in natural settings.

Another big benefit, aside from making your house look more presentable, a wireless electric dog fence is easy to maintain. Picture this, an ordinary fence, exposed to all sorts of elements, will wear down quickly. The paint will lighten and chip off over time. If the fence was built with cheap or low quality plywood then you can expect your fence to crack and break down in no time. When that happens, youll be forced to shell out even more money just to get it fixed. In the long run, regular maintenance can actually cost you more than the initial investment of a wireless dog fence that will train your dog, within a certain amount of time (and the timing for every dog is different), to stay within the landscape limits.

Retail Price: $399.99

Amazon Price: $189.99Another advantage that the best wireless dog fence can give you is that it helps you train and discipline your dog. By having your dog confined in a specific spot on a regular basis, it begins to understand its boundaries and learn to stay within them. Thats one way of creating an obedient habit. This is a learned behavior technique that is very popular as well as effective.

Now if your thinking of getting a wireless dog fence, you need to ask yourself first, do I want my dog to stay outside or do I want it inside? See, even though all wireless dog fences keep your pet in a certain area, there are some that can be used for the outdoors while there are some that are best suited for indoor use. An outdoor wireless fence for example, gives you the same tandem of a containment collar and transmitter. The difference though is that the transmitter used by this type of fence is a bit large. While its not difficult to carry around, it can be an eye sore when placed inside. Another advantage that an outdoor wireless dog fence has over other electric fences is that you wont need to dig a hole for wires. You simply need to put the transmitter in place and its ready for use.

An indoor wireless dog fence on the other hand lets you enjoy the comforts of setting up an area for your dog inside your house. But instead of giving you a large transmitter, this type of fence uses a smaller version that functions pretty much the same way as its bigger counterpart. The reason behind its reduced size is so the transmitter wont end up taking too much space inside your home. It also keeps it from standing out like a sore thumb from the rest of the furniture. That way, you wont have to worry about it being spotted at once by the guest. You also wont have to hide it every now and then when there happens to be a special event in your home.

Amazon Price: Too low to displayOnce youve got an idea what type of wireless dog fence you need, you need to figure out what brand you should turn to. One of popular brands currently in the market today that offers quality wireless fences is PetSafe. With a Petsafe wireless dog fence, you wont have to worry about burying any wires underneath your backyard. All you have to do is to simply plug the products transmitter into an outlet and its ready for use. Combined with the containment dog collar, the product ensures that your pet stays confined to the area you designated. Plus, since the transmitter is portable, you can easily transfer it wherever you want and in the event you need to move your pet somewhere.

Once you have a dog in your home, it automatically becomes a member of the family. And just like any member of the household, it needs to be given its own secure space. And with a wireless dog fence, youll be able to accomplish just that. Not only will you be able to give your pet a place in the house, youll be able to keep it protected as well.

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