Cases strep throat


We went to the doctor recently. It was our 4th trip in a little over 2 weeks. Between 6 kids we had 2 cases of strep throat (the same kid, twice), an ear infection and a urinary tract infection. I piled 5 of the kids (under age 10) intothe small examination room at once.One sat on the exam table while therest shared two chairs between the 4 of them. They sat quietly,as we waitedfor their older sister to down several glasses of water until she felt she could go to the bathroom to give a urine sample.

There were no books in the exam room, only 1 magazine for the 4 waiting children to share. There were a few instances of hey, its my turn, but overall they were quiet and patient. I was pleased, but not surprised, as this is what I expect of my children when they are in public.

The doctor visited with all of them shortly, getting a few yes Maams but mostly just quiet little faces looking back at her. When it was time togo, she turned to me and said You have a beautiful family. You are doing a wonderful job. I said thank you. She replied with Seriously, you are supermom! Youre awesome. Again, I said thank you and we were on our way. But her comments stuck with me.

The picture of cases strep throat and mewhen ilet laundry siton with werent forgodsgrace wouldntbe. Im not a supermom. She isnt in my home when Im screaming at the kids because they wont pick up or someone spilled a drink all over the table and floor.. again. She isnt there when my kids feel ignored because I have something to do on the computer or need to talk on the phone.She doesnt see mewhen Ilet laundry siton the couch for days because I just didnt feel like doing it.

She especially wasnt there when we were raising our oldest to see the mistakes we made with her. Boy, did we make mistakes! The most important mistake we made was not having God in our lives at that time. I believe it would have made a world of difference in her life and ours. But, we learn from our mistakes and we grow spiritually and emotionally. Everything we did wrong with her will not be done with the other children. God uses everything for His good.

When I left the doctors office, I thought to myself why did I just take credit for my kids? Its not me its God.I should have told her just that. They are Gods children entrusted to me. He gave me these children to raise up and He directs our path. If it werent forGodsgrace, I wouldntbe the mom I am today imperfections and all. If it werent for God, I wouldnt even be a mother! God made me a mother 7 times; everything I do as a mother should glorify Him.

I spend many days thinking Im not quite the mom I could be. I have a lot of growing to do, a lot of maturing to do (even in my 40s) and it all starts with my relationship with God. I need to focus more on Him and what he wants for my family, and less on everything else.

Im not a supermom, but thats ok. I serve a super God who forgives me and loves me and teaches me how toraise His children. They are all His and I dont want it any other way!

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