Right medication control

The picture of right medication control and church england mother with sunday school superintendent In the spring of 2016 a friend developed epilepsy. He became very low and struggled with everyday things while doctors attempted to find the right medication to control it. I felt very sad that there was nothing I could do to help, but my daughter who was a Wiccan was able to use her energies to help those who needed it. She... Read More

School Tour in the Old City of Hebron (H2) H.I.R.N

The picture of nahdha boys school and students nahdha boys school with children experience school January 23 H IRN was on a tour to see a few schools in Hebrons Old City. The Old City is dominated by Israeli settlements, which gives a lot of problems in the school childrens everyday life. The following article is based on our visit to Rabiaa Al Adawiyya girls... Read More

Nene Leakes Advocates Against Bullying

The picture of bully tami roman and women form home with ryan murphy film Nene Leakes is an advocate against domestic violence, but did you know she advocated against bullying? I just believe this is a little shocking when considering the role she plays on

The Real Housewvies of Atlanta. Now, I know she isnt as much of a bully as

Tami Roman (read: hitting people), but shes almost there.

In an interview... Read More