German Shepherd Temperament

The picture of century max von stephanitz and type dog breed with versatility german shepherd personality This certain type of dog was actually developed during the 19th century. Max Von Stephanitz is considered as the father of this dog breed. This type of dog is very versatile. So, it makes this dog breed suitable to learn certain yet simple tricks. It is a good companion and it can easily learn certain tricks. This type of... Read More

Secret Tips to Train Pugs

The picture of baby pug home pugs and tips train pugs . No one can ever hide the joy and excitement upon bringing a baby pug at home. Pugs are entirely great dogs in a small package. These creatures are best known for their mischievous characters, playful spunk and clownish personality. The Pug breed is also highly affectionate and people-oriented breed of dog who wants human... Read More

Expert dog breeders

The picture of expert dog breeders and temperatures huskies dogs with quality siberian huskies Siberian Husky Puppies For Sale One of the worlds oldest breeds of dog, the Siberian Husky is an active and spirited dog that is built to endure harsh conditions. They are incredible pets as they will provide constant companionship and are great for playing with young children. A mid-sized dog, huskies are able to provide protection... Read More

Dog training program

The picture of dog training program and dog trainer part with method train dogs Ive always wonder about dogs thought about their lives with us, what they thought about us, and because I have Shiba Inu, why do they want to take off so far away and play a game catch me if you can. (-_-;) Anyways, that brought me to dog training and hopefully build myself up to help with behavioral issues. Im currently on my final term in my dog... Read More

Baby fever latelyand

A lot of yall have been posting about baby fever latelyand the peeb and I are not there at all. But we do have puppy fever. Intense, incurable puppy fever. So much so that I have been cruising Petfinder for HOURS and we made an appointment to go and see this little bebe:

The picture of baby fever latelyand and text message battle with wedding bar exam.

Were going this afternoon to see her in her foster home. Weve... Read More

Animals, Insects, and Pets

The picture of industry dog sales and attitude visit today with puppy english bulldogs English Bulldogs for SaleAlthough their appearance may seem fiercer than other dogs, the English bulldog actually has a very friendly demeanor. These dogs get along great with small children and other animals and make the perfect indoor pet. These calm animals are simple to take care of, as... Read More