New Year, New Goals

The picture of move alonginto right and years resolutions fact dont with year something seemsdifferent So you may or may not have noticed that things have been quiet here the last few weeks. I took a break from blogging while vacationing in Southern Californiafor the holidays. It was incredibly refreshing to see friends and family for those two weeks in December. We got back to Austin just before New Years and I was ready to... Read More

Days amy moms toolbox

1. I read the Bible in 90 days. Amy at Moms Toolbox ran this last January and I learned a lot about myself, my relationship to Christ, and my beliefs by doing this. Its a worthwhile experience and if youre interested in it another round starts on January 3rd.

2. Related to the first, I agreed to teach Sunday School at my church. While a lot of people would see this as something for someone else, I see it as for myself because it helps me to explain things better to my children and... Read More

Lot time reading ive

The picture of lot time reading ive and bridgerton series julia quinn with homeschooling year earnest Its been a busy vacation, but ultimately a good one. We got some stuff done around the house that weve been meaning to do. We took our very first family vacation with the kids (and learned that a family vacation with the kids means the only ones having a vacation are the kids). I managed to narrowly miss doing serious damage to... Read More

Praxis saturday kind

Hope youve all had a lovely little weekend! Since most of mine was eaten up by the Praxis on Saturday, I kind of built an extra day into mine and PB and I came down to the lake yesterday. Since my parents are both at work, its just us, and we had a nice little relaxing day. We got up early and went to breakfast at the Badin Lake Family Restaurant nothing better than some eggs, bacon, and fresh tomato for breakfast.

And after that, PB and I stopped at this house on the way back to the... Read More

Postcards from a Peaceful Divorce Blog Archive The Man in the Middle

When your ex doesnt communicate with you or forgets whos doing what when, and you are operating under a different set of plans or understanding, bypassing him doesnt solve the problem.

Using his girlfriend as your go to guy will work until you cross her boundaries. Ultimately, these arent her kids. They are yours and your ex-husbands. When the two of you can learn to better deal with parenting as divorced parents and resolving some of the parenting communication, youll find things to... Read More