Month thanks mom

As a mom of twins its essential to carry some necessities with me as when we venture outside of our house, most places are 30+ minutes away so you never know what you might need. I am a very lucky lady and I was gifted an awesome new diaper bag for my birthday this month (thanks mom and dad!)and I couldnt be more excited about it. As the boys get older I have realized that carrying a traditional diaper bag was becoming more difficult so getting a backpack style diaper bag seemed to be the... Read More

Modern Twin Family a young family experiencing life together

As I mentioned previously we have been doing a few improvements to our home, some we started before Eric left and some we just completed over the last few months. Our house is new construction and we purchased it almost 2 years ago, new construction is awesome because well its new but the huge downfall is that everyone else has a home just like yours or pretty similar. We know... Read More

Baby boys thats right

When you are super busy! So much has changed in our little family over the last few months. The first exciting thing that has happened is that my husband/daddy came home, yay! We were so excited to have him back with us after 6.5 months and once he got home the fun and chaos began. We have been pretty much non-stop for the last 2.5 months with visitors, traveling, home projects, and well just hanging out together and enjoying our ONE year old baby boys. Thats right the boys are now one year... Read More