AnneMarie Ladlad Senior Secrets Can We Run From Community

I put down my Senior Secrets blog series for several monthsbecause Ive just been really busy. So heres a blog to catch you all up on whats been happeningsince my initial post as a college senior.

I never mentioned this but I started this year with the goal that I would not get close or emotionally attached to anyone. Why?

My biggest goal for after college is to leave home. Unlike many college students, I go to college in my hometown,... Read More

School Tour in the Old City of Hebron (H2) H.I.R.N

The picture of nahdha boys school and students nahdha boys school with children experience school January 23 H IRN was on a tour to see a few schools in Hebrons Old City. The Old City is dominated by Israeli settlements, which gives a lot of problems in the school childrens everyday life. The following article is based on our visit to Rabiaa Al Adawiyya girls... Read More

Jones College Online

The picture of admission jones college and states america usa with courses jones college If you are student and planning to pursue a distant learning course from an university in the United States of America, then you may try for admission in Jones College Online. Jones College is one of the oldest... Read More

Education Three Issues, Three Solutions

The picture of increase number colleges and trainings career counseling with conduct sessions awareness Education is a comprehensive term. Its boundaries are as rich and varied as life itself. It is, therefore, true that the last word on Education can never be uttered. Yet, as an educational discipline, the term... Read More

The Life of KimHo Blog Archive A little venting

Things at work have gotten so overwhelming and frustrating that Ive cried about it the past 3 out of 4 days. And you people know me. I dont cry.

Long story short, there are a group of students that are making my double-period Algebra class a nightmare. And, even though they act just as badly in their other classes throughout the day, my class has been the one singled out by administration to watch. Ive had an administrator in my room two days in a row observing. Somehow, I feel theyre... Read More