Education Three Issues, Three Solutions

The picture of increase number colleges and trainings career counseling with conduct sessions awareness Education is a comprehensive term. Its boundaries are as rich and varied as life itself. It is, therefore, true that the last word on Education can never be uttered. Yet, as an educational discipline, the term... Read More

What Causes Dyslexia 4 Simple Explanations

Figuring out What Causes Dyslexiamay feel like a complex and overwhelming task. This simple explanation might put it into perspective.

Having worked with dyslexics for over ten years and being the parent of a dyslexic, its one of the questions that frequently comes up in conversation, what causes dyslexia?

So What Causes Dyslexia?

Like many character traits,... Read More

School choir director

The picture of school choir director and choir elite choir with guitar class exploration The individual I interviewed is a high school choir director. This person directs a womens chorus, mixed choir, elite choir, and also teaches a beginning guitar class, an Exploration in electronic music class and a college prep music theory class. This... Read More

Distance Learning

The picture of anthropology distance learningbarbara and question biology distance learningreginald with graduate level courses Anthropology Distance LearningBarbara Said:Can I study anthropology and archaeology by distance learning in New Zealand?We Answered:You could learn the basics, but to really study these subjects you need to take classes and do field work through an accredited university….

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Guidelines for Parents in Having a Successful School Year

The picture of school year review and education number trust with lunch recess morning afternoon At this point in the school year review of last year’s work is well over and new content material is being learned. You may notice a sinking feeling or uneasiness as you observe your child that he or she may be experiencing difficulty.

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College age students

The picture of college age students and class journals post with basis sample papers As I reviewed the article, Blogs in Education, and as we each started our blogs in S15 ED 586, I began to see many possibilities about using blogs in my online courses. I have always had discussion areas, but have never utilized a blog. And then, I asked myself, Why? I think it was... Read More