Dating Tips For Single Mothers

The picture of Parenting and Single parent with Happiness. Life, oh life, you can plan so well, to bring up your children within a nuclear type of family. However, at times this doesnt come out as best as you hoped. There are several women who, in todays world, find themselves thrown into the responsibility of being both the mother and the father to their children. This happens for several reasons, some of which are not so... Read More

Worlds Best Cat Litter

The picture of taskfor acat owner and lovey dovey peeing with cat litter claims. Choosing a cat litteris no easy taskfor acat owner. One wrong move and your kitty goes from being lovey dovey to peeing on your pillow. The best idea here is to start using a good litter from the beginning. Worlds Best cat litter claims to be, well, the worlds best. Is this true though?

For starters this cat litter is made out of corn. Thats... Read More

School Tour in the Old City of Hebron (H2) H.I.R.N

The picture of nahdha boys school and students nahdha boys school with children experience school January 23 H IRN was on a tour to see a few schools in Hebrons Old City. The Old City is dominated by Israeli settlements, which gives a lot of problems in the school childrens everyday life. The following article is based on our visit to Rabiaa Al Adawiyya girls... Read More

Day day activities

The picture of day day activities and parent teacher conferences school with home life children We live in a time when the divorce rate still hovers at approximately 40-50% for most first marriages. It is these first marriages that are the most likely to produce children, hence the need for both parents to make the emotional and psychological needs of their children a priority.

One of the first things parents must... Read More

Pre pre school

The picture of pre pre school and share blah blah blah with schedule love planning You know what? I have been searching web for an hours looking for a good pre pre school when I came across Really fantastic site, answered all my questions and the part that I loved most that there is no more guessing – read what other parents have to say about pre pre school and have an ease of mind. They also have rather good blog at and... Read More

Helpful Games Online Or The Conventional Way

The picture of coloring literature coloring pencils and children teens coloring with kids underpinning issues These days children grow playing toys belonging to the digital age computers and matches. You tend to be telling everyone as to what you could see for this train. Somebody who might be great at illustrating people may produce impressed... Read More