Land Of The Fatherless

The picture of lot kids today and census bureau reports with dad dont need I saw the following video recently and it broke my heart. It was a typical talk show topic: Boot camp my pre-teen. A single mom struggling with a pre-teen or teenager turns to a boot camp to straighten them out. The drill sergeant gets in the kids face, yelling at him in an attempt to scare him into submission.... Read More

Day day activities

The picture of day day activities and parent teacher conferences school with home life children We live in a time when the divorce rate still hovers at approximately 40-50% for most first marriages. It is these first marriages that are the most likely to produce children, hence the need for both parents to make the emotional and psychological needs of their children a priority.

One of the first things parents must... Read More

Split Marital Strife and Divorce through a Child s Perspective

The picture of decades anyone man woman and lines parts devotion with women women distress Plenty of women facing marital strife hate, despise and sporadically want to kill their husbands. They think about divorce frequently yet manage to stay married for decades. Anyone, man or woman, married for a few months knows that an eggshell thin lines parts devotion from abhorrence.

Many women often numb their pain and slog... Read More

Family or Marriage

The picture of details custody maintenance There are so many things to be considered if you are going for an annulment of your marriage. Situations vary, because all of us are different people, but there are some general factors we can always use as parameters to gauge our situations, because after all, we all belong to the same species.

In the first place, are you sure... Read More

Attachment Theory and Parental Alienation

The picture of divorce separation arguments and resident parent attachment theory with lack attachment association Following an acrimonious divorce or separation arguments are frequently presented as to why a child should not be with a non resident parent. The custodial parent whether a father or a mother uses the concept of a child with the absent parent. This view is based on antagonism between the former partners rather than... Read More

Executors Guardians In The United Kingdom

The picture of court system partnership and void note guardianship with fact circumstances change Searching out the best way to protect children in the event of the unthinkable is difficult. However, there are some legal avenues available to help look after children, if you are unable to do so. If you are wondering about the executor or guardian appointment... Read More