Day day activities

The picture of day day activities and parent teacher conferences school with home life children We live in a time when the divorce rate still hovers at approximately 40-50% for most first marriages. It is these first marriages that are the most likely to produce children, hence the need for both parents to make the emotional and psychological needs of their children a priority.

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Split Marital Strife and Divorce through a Child s Perspective

The picture of decades anyone man woman and lines parts devotion with women women distress Plenty of women facing marital strife hate, despise and sporadically want to kill their husbands. They think about divorce frequently yet manage to stay married for decades. Anyone, man or woman, married for a few months knows that an eggshell thin lines parts devotion from abhorrence.

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Family or Marriage

The picture of details custody maintenance There are so many things to be considered if you are going for an annulment of your marriage. Situations vary, because all of us are different people, but there are some general factors we can always use as parameters to gauge our situations, because after all, we all belong to the same species.

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Things I am excited to do when I am not pregnant anymore!

While I admit I am finally enjoying the last weeks of pregnancy, it definitely took awhile to get to this level of acceptance with my physical restrictions. As an extremely active and athletic person, having physical restrictions is really difficult for me Im sure you can relate if youve been pregnant or are pregnant and are suddenly mystified that you have a hard time lacing up your own sneakers!

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Our Children Aren t Created to Glorify Us

The picture of dance piano recital and parents self image with drink poison adolescents When our children are babies, its normal for mothers to delight in their first words, coax them in their first steps and brag on their first dance or piano recital. We watch with a bit of anxiety as their interests and occupations spread beyond the confines of our home, rejoicing as... Read More