Cases strep throat

We went to the doctor recently. It was our 4th trip in a little over 2 weeks. Between 6 kids we had 2 cases of strep throat (the same kid, twice), an ear infection and a urinary tract infection. I piled 5 of the kids (under age 10) intothe small examination room at once.One sat on the exam table while therest shared two chairs between the 4 of them. They sat quietly,as we waitedfor their older sister to down several glasses of water until she felt she... Read More

Way home roscoe

These past few days have been so crazy for us. Im so exhausted that I think I need more days off just to finally be able to relax together.

First off, P is now on rotating 12-hour shifts. The schedule he is on does not give him true weekends off and between most of the shift changes he gets 2 days off. I put that in quotes because really, between all but two of the schedules its more like 36 hours definitely not a full 2 days but I guess thats to be expected with the... Read More

Miracle Babies Abby s Story (Part 1)

*On Wednesdays, I invite you to stop by and read some incredible stories of families who have experienced the miracle of expanding their familiesin some incredible ways. Ill be sharing stories of adoption, births after loss, and births after challenging pregnancies. These women are courageously sharing their stories with the world. Please leave love in the comments section below and be sure to visit their personal blogs (if they have one). These stories are meant to encourage other women who... Read More