Hearts love dogs

I think Farley taught us that we have room in our hearts to love dogs. To save just one, and then love the heck out of it. He also taught us to clear all food up to 6 high, and hide all shoes, and when you do, a couch will work just fine to eat. But mostly, that we have room in our hearts to love another dog. Announcing the arrival of joy and hope to our family: Maybee.

Maybee was left in a crate next to her mom tied to a pole somewhere in Kansas. Maybee was scheduled for being... Read More

Love sea creatures

I came across a great site that talks about octopus. The site is very full of details from description, nature, pictures or anatomy to species. The site is called . It is a great reference, especially for schoolwork or education. I included it in my bookmark or favorites for future reference. I really like how this site shows much information about octopus.

Anyhow, I love... Read More

Modern Twin Family a young family experiencing life together

As I mentioned previously we have been doing a few improvements to our home, some we started before Eric left and some we just completed over the last few months. Our house is new construction and we purchased it almost 2 years ago, new construction is awesome because well its new but the huge downfall is that everyone else has a home just like yours or pretty similar. We know... Read More

The U.S. Birth Rate is a Problem. One man is the Solution

The picture of point war fatigue and regressions support conclusion thats with lover rediscovery lust. I had a crazy dream the other night. I dreamt that humankind met its demise. Everyone stopped having babies. The details are a bit foggy. It wasnt clear whether the entire populace was sterile or folks just stopped making nasty time. Regardless of the reason, there were no more babies. Everyone alive at the time was the last... Read More

Scheme todays world

The picture of scheme todays world and cooper corn maze with home school friends love Do you remember the Golden Rule? Do unto others that you would want done to you? Seems like we have lost that in the grand scheme of todays world. I am sad, frustrated and disappointed to say the least of some things that have transpired over this week.

So first the good news! We have had a super good week this week with home school and... Read More