One Mother s Struggle in Pregnancy with Ehlers

The picture of ehlers danlos syndrome and skin tendons ligaments with disorder hope reading story I have a rare connective tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. What that means is that my body doesnt properly make collagen, a basic building block that makes our bodies strong. My collagen isnt strong, and certain tissues like my Read More

Dog training dvds

The picture of dog training dvds and puppy youre training with article crate training dog Every dog needs to be taught basic canine behavior and with many dog training DVDs available today, a professionally trained pet need not be expensive. By then, they have work at correcting habits that were developed as a puppy. If... Read More

Right time post

The picture of right time post and huffington post today with powder room heart Last summer was quite a ride. I wrote about some of my year in this post here, but a very big part of that year I briefly mentioned but havent gone into detail. I was waiting for the right time to post about it, or until I felt like the right words would come to me, but honestly I was just putting it off because I wasnt sure if it was appropriate or... Read More

Why Every Pregnant Woman Must Take Iron and Folic Acid Supplements

Many pregnant women are told to ensure they take iron and folic acid supplements when they are pregnant. Why is this highly recommended? Dr. Stephen Mutiso, a consultant obstetrician / gynaecologist explains why.

During pregnancy, women need iron and folate (folic acid) to meet both their own needs and those of the developing baby. If a pregnant woman lacks these essential nutrients, then she is unable to supply them in sufficient quantities to her baby.

Low folic acid before... Read More

Why Abortion is not Always Immoral

The picture of Fertility and RTT with Reproduction There are a lot of issues brought up for abortion, but I want to focus in on what I believe is the central issue: when, if ever, does the fetus right to life outweigh the womans right to body?

There are clear points at which the fetus has a right to life, namely after birth. At this point, it is clear that the mother has an obligation to keep the baby alive. On the other... Read More

Beauty Maven **Exclusive** by Paula Begoun, the Cosmetics Cop

The picture of skin care products and skin care productsare with paulas choice research team Pregnancy is an exciting time for women, but it comes with many health-related challenges, for both the baby and the mom-to-be. Concerns include everything from what to eat and what not to eat, what medicines you can take or not, and what to do or not to do about the many changes your body is... Read More