The picture of rehab therapy greensboro and facility services children with speech language pathologists If you’re running short on clients, think about treating short clients for a practice boost. Pediatric therapy can expand the focus of your practice.

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What Causes Dyslexia 4 Simple Explanations

Figuring out What Causes Dyslexiamay feel like a complex and overwhelming task. This simple explanation might put it into perspective.

Having worked with dyslexics for over ten years and being the parent of a dyslexic, its one of the questions that frequently comes up in conversation, what causes dyslexia?

So What Causes Dyslexia?

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Guidelines for Parents in Having a Successful School Year

The picture of school year review and education number trust with lunch recess morning afternoon At this point in the school year review of last year’s work is well over and new content material is being learned. You may notice a sinking feeling or uneasiness as you observe your child that he or she may be experiencing difficulty.

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A Life in Balance A Schoolhouse Review

The picture of schoolhouse review crew and opportunity review life balancefrom with belgaus son eric . As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I was given the opportunity to review A Life in Balancefrom the Learning Breakthrough Programwhich tells the story of Frank Belgaus life and how his professional experiences and desire to help children with Read More