Press on Training in Righteousness

The picture of scripture isinspired god and daughters acceptance christ with society dining patrons You, however,continue in the things you have learned and become convinced of, knowing from whom you have learned them,and thatfrom childhood you have knownthe sacred writings which are able togive you the wisdom that leads tosalvation through faith which is... Read More


The picture of country today country The holidays step into our lives and the next thing you know, we’re on the Merry-go-round. But still, we have choices, and this yearit was my choice to hold onto my sanity and coast through the holidays with as little stress as possible. My family pitched in and I was relieved of a great deal of responsibility. As a consequence I... Read More

Things I am excited to do when I am not pregnant anymore!

While I admit I am finally enjoying the last weeks of pregnancy, it definitely took awhile to get to this level of acceptance with my physical restrictions. As an extremely active and athletic person, having physical restrictions is really difficult for me Im sure you can relate if youve been pregnant or are pregnant and are suddenly mystified that you have a hard time lacing up your own sneakers!

Here are the things I am bursting at the seams to do as soon as I possibly can,... Read More

Our Children Aren t Created to Glorify Us

The picture of dance piano recital and parents self image with drink poison adolescents When our children are babies, its normal for mothers to delight in their first words, coax them in their first steps and brag on their first dance or piano recital. We watch with a bit of anxiety as their interests and occupations spread beyond the confines of our home, rejoicing as... Read More

Mindfulness and Improvisation a Conversation with Steve Clorfeine

The picture of spending lot time and comfort zones strategies with process sessions people For theatre artist Steve Clorfeine, mindfulness and improvisation fit together like hand in glove. Over the last ten years, Steve has been on the ALIA arts faculty, which leads creative process sessions. At ALIA, creative process helps leaders become more fully attuned, moment-to-moment, to what is happening.

It also balances... Read More

Meditation Experience, Day 1 Who am I

The picture of desire day meditation oprah and minds aka meditation with desire love alignment Taking the first step toward becoming my destiny on the first day of Destiny and Desire, a 21-day meditation by Oprah and Deepak Chopra.

Towards the end of the meditation, Chopra reminds us of a quote from the

Upanishads: As your desire is, so is your intention. As your intention, so is your will. As your will is, so is... Read More