10 Tips for College Recruitment Process

The picture of assistant coach stanford and music drama speech debate with business leaders america It was years ago that I was recruited to play basketball at Stanford, but now, after having been an assistant coach at Stanford, I wanted to share 10 tips that would help any athlete in any sport to enhance their own personal recruitment process or to create a... Read More

Playground recess work

The picture of playground recess work and group friends head with childhood workouts youll As adults, we join gyms, hire personal trainers, subscribe to fitness magazines, and even eat kale, all with the hope that we will be physically fit in our adulthood. There is this expectation that the more we pay for our fitness, the more complicated the workout routine, the angrier our trainer, the better off we will be. However, the... Read More

The world is your acorn 2007

The picture of Sports and Ice skate with Ice skating. I went to a skating rink today to do some observations for a class that Im in. The assignment was to go watch some learning take place. My little team of three chose to watch ice skaters. After we observed for a while we rented skates and jumped in on the free skating session. It was pretty fun, even if the rented... Read More

Flames Nation The Heat Is Liberty Missing The Mid

The picture of mormons meaning course liberty and time athletics programs with notre dame football Like any Liberty student in the early 2016’s, I often heard the mantra from our founder. One day we would be to Evangelicals what Notre Dame is to Catholics, and BYU is to Mormons. Meaning, of course, Liberty would become a top tier university, with big time... Read More