Why Having Four Kids is easier than having 1, 2 or 3


The picture of plan fortomorrow today and kick butt husband with isnt everyones experience At this moment, my house is completely quiet. Other than some neglected laundry and a dishwasher that needs to be run, things are in working order. People are asleep, I feel good about my plan fortomorrow. Today went well. Life is good.

My kids are 4 (almost 5!), 3.5, 19 months and 3 months. Most people think that we are insane for having so many children back to back so quickly. But we are truly loving it and feel blessedbeyond measure with our life with young children.

The question I get asked the most is well, how is it with four? And heres my answer:

Its great. We are over the moon about our family especially all of them and of course having a kick-butt husband might be why Im having so much fun. In fact, Im finding that it is actually EASIER to have four children than it was to have 1, 2 or 3.

Heres why:

1. Im an expert at babies. Seriously, I knew that between 6-8 weeks of age a newborn starts to get into a rhythm and that the crazy every two hour feeds would chill out and so I was able to just enjoy them. I let my kids watch movies or make a complete mess while I nursed the baby. Now hes into a new rhythm and I know it will change again between 4 and 6 months and I love it. But, Ive had easy babies I know that isnt everyones experience. Still, theres something to be said for experience.

2. My kids arent inconveniencing me anymore when they need more milk, are fighting, falling, spilling milk or making a complete mess. They arent interrupting my life. My work involves my marriage, my kids, our home With a newborn, I get to indulge in building our home from the inside out. That means that I can spend more time beinghome making meals that are healthy; that means snuggling my older kids is part of my job description. My work,my legacy,is the atmosphere and environment of my home. That matters to my kids. I get to spend my creativity, my ingenuity, my intellect, my problem-solving skills, my negotiating tactics and my management skills to the benefit of my family. This is much easier to do when the work load atis more demanding because I thrive in the midst of chaos. Im externally motivated and love to create order from disorder. Im more focused because now, it is required of my to be that way.

3. My children must be independent in many areas. One skill that is important for me to give my children is the ability to do things for themselves. Sometimes this bites me in the booty but it always encouraging to see each child learn on their own a skill or a task simply because they wanted to learn it! With four children, Im usually attending to one of them at any given time, so if the other needs me, they must learn that the world doesnt revolve around them. Sometimes this means that they are sharing my lap with a baby and we all snuggle, or it means they need to sit on the kitchen floor by my feetwhile I finish getting dinner ready. But, these relational skills help all of us grow and learn to love one another better!

4. I am much more efficient in getting my house work done with four children! I thought that the laundry and food thing would kill me in adding one more, but Im actually finding that I make it a greater priority to stay on top of these things and therefore Im rarely behind and generally enjoy the break of folding while watching a show or listening to a podcast. I dont remember EVER being so on top of it maybe when I was single and I only had one load to do in a week!

5. They are such a joy and its a joy to see them enjoying each other. Each of the three older kids have their own way of loving on the baby. Reagan (4) loves to hold him in her lap, Elliot (3.5) loves to make him smile and talks to him and shows him toys and book, David (19 months) loves to give him hugs and kisses and tries to pat him. My heart bursts with how sweet they are. Elliot will ask me out of nowhereMom, wheres Hudson? Ill tell him hes down for his nap and ask why and he says Im just checkin on him.

Its a sweet season of life right here. Right now. This is it. I want to savor the days when they are good and find rest for my soul when they are hard because they only get one chance to grow up and I have resolved to do my part to make it count.

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